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Bluetooth Audio Module
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BM6570 is a cost effective audio sink device for wireless subwoofer speakers based on CSR’s Subwoofer Audio Transfer (SWAT) transport mechanism. BM6570 combines with any CSR SWAT capable source, in the soundbar or AVR, to form a robust wireless subwoofer link in a high fidelity multi-channel audio system.
Features: Bluetooth Spec 4.0 Compliant 80 MHz RISC MCU and 80 MIPS Kalimba DSP Internal ROM, serial flash memory and EEPROM Interfaces Radio includes integrated balun with RF performance of 8dBm transmit power and -89dBm receiver sensitivity CSR's Subwoofer Audio Transfer (SWAT) transport mechanism eSCO or L2CAP uncompressed audio channels Mono wired input Secure simple pairing with CSR's proximity pairing 3 ms latency (Source relative to Subwoofer) Configurable speaker cut-off frequency 250 Hz maximum subwoofer cut-off frequency Serial interfaces: I²C and SPI DSP packet loss concealment algorithms Configurable EQ settings Configurable I2S audio output Configurable I²C and PIOs output for audio power amplifier control 3 hardware LED controllers Size: 21±0.5mm x 13.5±0.5 mm x 2.35±0.5mm